Back to school! Happy cute industrious child flying on the pencil on background of sunset sky. Concept of education and reading. The development of the imagination.

Belmont County Head Start uses Creative Curriculum. Creative Curriculum balances both teacher-directed and child-initiated learning, with an emphasis on children responding to their individual learning styles and building on their strengths and interests. It is based on 38 objectives for development and learning, which are fully aligned with the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework as well as Ohio’s Early Learning and Development Standards.

Each child is given the Dial 4 screening (Developmental Indicators for the Assessment of Learning – Fourth Edition) before or within 45 days of the first day of school. This screening instrument examines motor, concepts, and language development and is designed to determine whether a child is developing within the average range for his/her age or whether there is some indication of a possible delay in his/her development.

Children will learn necessary Kindergarten readiness skills such as shape and color recognition, alphabet identification and letter sounds, literacy skills, early math skills, problem solving, and social skills. (See School Readiness Goals document)

Daily activities include circle time, small group activity, large group activity, outdoor play (weather permitting), and a period of free play. Teachers also send home individualized weekly activities for parents to complete with their children to further reinforce skills they are learning at school. Parents are invited and encouraged to participate in their child’s day as often as they would like.

Our Head Start teachers are credentialed, having at least an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, and complete at a minimum, 20 hours of Professional Development training yearly to ensure a quality program and the best possible pre-school learning experience for each child.